Friday, July 27, 2012

Athlete: Elisa Charm
Ethnic: Italo-Brazilian
I was born in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil and I grow up in Italy
I live currently in Chicago

I am fluent in Portuguese, Italian and English and I understand Spanish and French pretty well

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contact me:
Skype: fit.girl85

Height: 5,6"

Off-season weight: 165 lbs

Contest weight:

2009: 119 lbs
2010: 130 lbs
2011: 135 lbs
2012: 140 lbs

Contest History:

2009 (NOV): NPC Midwest IronMan - 3rd Place - Female Bodybuilding  (119lbs)

2010 (SEPT): NABBA  USA - 1st Place - Female Bodybuilding - (130lbs)
2010 (OCT) Badger State WI, 3rd Place Female Bodybuilding (129lbs).
2011 (June) Jr Nationals - Woman's Physique - 9th Place ( 130 lbs)
2011 (July) NPC Masters National - 9th Place Female Bodybuilding (135lbs)
2012 (July) NPC Masters National - 6th Place - Woman's Physique Division (140 lbs)

My up coming  2013 Competitions

2013 NPC Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh

Wish me luck!

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Training and competing are very expensive. Competitors must spend money on show registration, hotel and flight, spray tanning the day of the show, competition suits,  training, nutrition consultation, etc. Please feel free to contribute to help me on the path of my professional career. All of your support, whether big or small, is greatly appreciated!

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